ROYALTY: Kate Middleton’s family home in Bucklebury, Berkshire

The Bucklebury Berkshire home of Kate's parents, Carole and Mike Middleton

Take a look at Michael and Carole Middleton’s £4.7 million, 7-bedroom, Grade II-listed Georgian property in Berkshire where the newest royal prince will be spending time with his grandparents…


Michael and Carole Middleton outside their home in Bucklebury

Pippa and James Middleton



The village of Bucklebury, Berkshire, England

Read more about Bucklebury and see it here on the map. The home, the family’s second one in Bucklebury, is 8.8 miles from Newbury.


Map of Bucklebury Berkshire - home of the Middleton familyBucklebury Berkshire England



The Manor on Pease Hill in Bucklebury, Berkshire

The Middleton’s bought this home in 2012 after deeming their £1.5 million home in the same Berkshire village to be too visible to passers-by.

This new 18-acre home offers them better privacy and security, as well as space to build special accommodation for royal protection staff. Planning permission has already been granted for an outbuilding, with a flat and garage on the ground floor, and a storage area and workshop above.

It’s located on the Pease Hill road and known as The Manor, Bucklebury, Reading, West Berkshire, RG7 6RP.

Do remember that this is a private family home with some of the best protection in the country so knocking on the door for a cup of sugar is not a luscious idea!

 The Middleton home on Pease Hill in Berkshire


This new home was purchased in a 2012 bidding war from a Morgan Stanley banker named Justin Mason and his wife Jill, a landscape artist.

It cost them around £4.7 million, which should only make a dent in their £30 million party supplies business called “Party Pieces” which they run out of Ashampstead, not far from their new family home and also in Berkshire. With added publicity due to the royal family connection, the business is flourishing.

Buy Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends by Pippa Middleton for more insight into the family business.

Read more about the family of Kate Middleton, now known as Catherine, via Wikipedia.


Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends by Pippa Middleton

Buy it here.


As well as the seven bedrooms, The Manor has 5 reception rooms including an entrance hall, drawing room, dining room with 17th century fireplace, library, sitting room,  swimming pool, tennis court, and extensive gardens.

Check out these photos, taken prior to the Middletons moving in (and most likely redecorating):


Middleton new home in Bucklebury in Berkshire - now home to visiting grandson the Prince of Cambridge.jpgThe Middleton home at The Manor in Bucklebury Berkshire.pngMiddleton - new home with 7 bedrooms - in Bucklebury West Berkshire.jpgCarole and Michael Middleton 4.7 million pound home in Bucklebury Berkshire.jpgThe new Berkshire property of the Middleton family - living room.jpgThe family kitchen with full sized AGA - photos of the Middleton home before they bought it.pngThe formal drawing room at The Manor in Bucklebury in Berkshire now the home of Mike and Carole Middleton.pngThe Berkshire property with conservatory overlooking rolling gardens.jpgThe gardens are a combination of informal lawns beautiful planted beds and topiary shrubs.jpgThe Manor House Bucklebury Berkshire - the new Middleton home.jpgThe Manor House the Middleton home at Bucklebury Berks.jpgThe Manor House the Middleton home at Bucklebury Berkshire.jpgThe Manor in Bucklebury - the home of Mike and Carole Middleton.jpgThe eastern side of the house includes a steel framed garden room.png



According to this website…”King Henry I originally bestowed the land on the monks of Reading Abbey, who created fish ponds in the grounds – three of which still exist.

“In 1540, following the dissolution of the monasteries including Reading Abbey, Henry VIII granted it to John Winchcombe, the wealthy son of a local wool merchant, who became an MP four years later. The house later passed to the Hartley family, descendants of a female branch of the Winchcombe family.

“The property – just a few miles away from the Middleton’s present home – also boasts appropriate Royal connections, with its land originally bestowed on the monks of Reading Abbey by King Henry I

“However, the Hartleys still retain the title of Lord and Lady of the Manor – dashing any hopes that the Middletons might have had of inheriting it with the house.

“The last remaining heir is William Hartley Russell, who moved to nearby Bucklebury House in 1957.”






Former homes of the Middleton family

Here is their former 3-reception room, 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom house, just down the road, also in Bucklebury, where Kate, Pippa and James Middleton used to call home. It’s known as Oak Acre in The Avenue, Bucklebury, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 6NS

All three Middleton children were educated at Marlborough College, about 40 minutes drive from Bucklebury, at £30,000-a-year.


The Middleton's former home in Bucklebury in Berkshire


The former Middleton family home in Bucklebury


The former Middleton family residence at Oak Acre in Bucklebury


From her birth in 1982 until 1995, Kate lived in this four-bedroom, semi-detached Victorian house in the village of Southend Bradfield about 77 kilometres west of London. It’s been valued at around half a million pounds:

Kate Middleton's childhood home in Southend Bradfield, west of London

The family also lived in Amman, Jordan where Michael Middleton worked from 1984-87.



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