Bling fling: Royal crowns and tiaras

A look at the ultimate “bling” accessory for a stylish royal, the tiara…



Princess tiaras - Princess Mary tiara.jpgHistoric tiara - Poltimore Tiara.JPGCrown and tiaras - princess-diana-com-the-cambridge-lovers-knot-tiara.jpgHistoric tiaras - Royal tiaras - Rosebery Tiara 1878.JPGNobel Foundation Prize 2005Historic tiara - Diamond Tiara of Strawberry Leaves.JPGCrowns for a queen - Queen Elizabeth of Britain 1969.jpgHistoric tiaras - Scrollwork tiara c 1880 English.JPGPrincess tiaras - spain royal tiara.jpgCrowns for a queen - queen margarethe wearing royal tiara.jpgHistoric tiaras - Tiara of Margarethe of Thurn und Taxis.JPGCrowns for a queen - Queen-mum-greville-neck-.jpgJewels jewels - Marie-Chantal of Greece in a tiara.jpgJewels jewels - Empress Eugenie Tiara.JPGRoyal collection - Princess Grace of Monaco portrait with tiara.jpgHarry Winston for the the marriage of Empress Farah and Reza Shah Pahlevi in 1958.jpgRoyal crown jewels - Pendant Drop Tiara c 1910 Cartier.JPGHistoric tiara - queen mother tiara.jpgInauguration of King Willem Alexander.jpgJewels jewels - Essex Tiara Cartier 1902.JPGJewels jewels - princess letizia spain tiara.jpgJewels jewels - Princess Mary tiara.jpgRoyal collection - Jewels jewels - Portland Tiara Cartier 1902.JPGHistoric tiaras - princess mary Russian diadem tiara.jpgRoyal collection - Princess tiaras - Princess Eugenie tiara.jpgRoyal jewels - QueenMary.jpgRoyal crown jewels - Indian Tiara.jpgKing Carl Gustaf Of Sweden Celebrates His 60th BirthdayDenmark - Princess Mary in a red dress and tiara.jpgRoyal crown jewels - royal tiara with sapphires.jpgRoyal crown jewels - HRH_Crown princess Victoria and tiara.jpgRoyal crowns - Diamond and Pearl tiara.JPGRoyal crowns - diana tiara.jpgRoyal jewels - Crown Princess Maxima tiara.jpgRoyal jewels - Bourbon Parme Tiara 1919 Chaumet.JPGRoyal jewels - Queen Frederika tiara.jpgRoyal jewels - Silvia - Napoleonic Amethyst Tiara.JPGRoyal crowns - The-Spencer-Tiara.jpgWedding Of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria & Daniel Westling: Banquet - InsideRoyal crown jewels - Princess Mary tiara.jpgRoyal tiara -amethyst QueenMary.jpgRoyal tiara - Carlota_by_Graefel.jpgRoyal crowns - Fife tiara.JPGRoyal tiaras - camilla-diamonds-tiara.jpgRoyal tiaras - Diamond & Pearl Tiara.JPGRoyal crowns - Diamond Tiara c. 1890.JPGRoyal tiaras - jordan tiara.jpgRoyal tiaras - letitzia spain tiara.jpgRoyal crowns - Antique Diamond tiara by Faberge.JPGRoyal tiaras - queen silvia tiara.jpgRoyal tiaras - spain-letizia.jpgRoyal crowns - The Boucheron Tiara.jpgroyal-tiaras-diana-elizabeth.jpgRoyal jewels - Diamond tiara c 1905.JPGThe royal collection - Princess Grace of Monaco - Ruby Tiara.jpgThe royal collection - Royal tiara -Camilla tiara.jpgRoyal tiaras - Queen Mary tiara.JPGThe royal collection - Royal tiaras - princess mary tiara.jpgThe royal collection - Royal tiaras - Queen Silvia.jpgRoyal crowns - Emerald & Diamond Tiara.JPGThe royal jewels - Royalty of Greece- marie chantal necklace tiara.pngWedding tiara - princess-anne-tiara.pngRoyal jewels - The Girls of Gt Britain and Ireland tiara.jpg-Bridal tiara - Zara Phillips on her wedding day wearing a tiara.jpgTiaras for wedding - Royal tiaras - princess madeleine.JPGThe royal jewels - The-Cambridge-Lovers-Knot-Tiara.jpgWearing tiaras - Cristina wearing Cartier tiara.jpgWedding tiara - Princess Alexandra Wedding Gown Tiara.jpgWearing tiaras - Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in a tiara.jpgRoyal jewels - royal tiara.jpgWearing tiaras - diana-tiara.jpgWearing tiaras - duchess of fife-tiara.jpgWearing tiaras - european royalty tiara.jpgCrown and tiaras - Belle Epoque Emerald & Diamond tiara.JPGWearing tiaras - grace-kelly-tiara.jpgWedding tiara - Crown Princess Mary Wedding Dress Tiara Earrings.jpgCrown and tiaras - royal tiara photos.jpgWedding tiara - denmark tiara.jpgAlexandra her mother the Queen of Denmark and her daughter the Duchess of Fife at Queen Marys wedding.jpgCrown and tiaras - Emerald & Diamond Tiara.JPGCartier Pearl Drop Tiara - Caroline at King of Sweden 50th Birthday.jpgCrown and tiaras - Egyptian Royal Family - Queen Nazli.jpgRoyal tiaras - Diamond Diadem 1820.JPGCrown and tiaras - Princess Caroline of Monaco - Brunswick tiara.jpgCrown and tiaras - Princess Grace of Monaco Cartier diamonds.jpgCrown and tiaras - Garland Style Diamond Tiara.JPGCrown and tiaras - Queen Silvia royal tiara.jpegCrown jewels - martha louise tiara.JPGRoyal jewels - tiara_royal jewellery.jpgCrown jewels - Princess Anne Greek Key Meander Tiara.jpgCrown jewels - queen victoria tiara.jpgCrown tiaras - Talhouet Tiara c 1908 Joseph Chaumet.JPGCrown tiaras - Modern Fringe Tiara or Carl Gustaf XVI Fringe - Princess Madeleine.jpgCrowns for a queen - oriental-circlet-tiara-Queen.jpgJewels jewels - Queen Mary of Great Britain Durbar Tiara.JPGJewels jewels - Queens of Spain and the Netherland wearing tiaras.jpgMohamed Reza Pahlavi Shah of Iran and Queen Soray Wed in 1951 gown designed by Christian Dior.jpgCrown tiaras - The Burmese ruby tiara.jpgPrincess Beatrice wearing Queen Victoria Sunray tiara atop a Greek key-type tiara.jpgPrincess Charlene Diamond Foam Tiara Wedding Dinner.jpgPrincess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones wed in 1960 wearing a Poltimore Tiara and gown by Norman Hartnell.jpgQueen-Mary-honeysuckle-diamond-tiara.jpgPrincess Michael of Kent wearing a tiara.jpgPrincess tiaras - maxima wearing a tiara.jpgCrown jewels - Diadem from Empress Marie-Louise Emerald Parure.JPGprincess-victoria of sweden tiara crown.jpgthe-diamond-tiara-of-the-duchess-of-york-sarah-ferguson.jpegQueen Alexandra - The Rundell Tiara.jpgRoyal collection - Crown and tiaras - Diamond Tiara c. 1830.JPGQueen Elizabeth in a crown tiara.jpgRoyal collection - Crown and tiaras - Queen Mary.jpgRoyal collection - Crowns for a queen - queen beatriz tiara.jpgPrincess tiaras - Tiaras of Spanish Royals at Royal Wedding- Infanta Cristina.jpgQueen Mary Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara.JPGprincess-letizia-at-the-wedding-of princess victoria.jpg




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  1. Marla Giese July 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm #

    Love it!!

  2. Starry Diadem December 8, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    The photograph you have of Princess Letizia of Spain in the Aquamarine tiara has been photoshopped. That tiara belongs to the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, of the United Kingdom. There is no way that the Crown princess of Spain would be wearing it. The Spanish royal family has its own tiaras.

  3. euro.chick September 4, 2014 at 7:36 pm #

    Photos 1, 9, 24, 25, 56, and 74 are all photoshops.

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