CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for women $20 and under

PART 1: Luscious gift ideas for women this Christmas, priced $20 and under

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PERSONAL UPDATE: A shout-out to my tennis buddies

Luscious living - playing tennis


A quick shout-out to my buddies at the Mt Martha Tennis Club on the Mornington Peninsula.

Thanks for your kindness and support, welcoming Mr Luscious and me to the club!

Natasha xx

PS. You might also like our pool houses and tennis courts photo gallery.

SALE ALERT: Macy’s sale – My top necklace favourites

Macy’s are having another sale, so here are nine of my top picks for necklaces…

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Wednesday Weight blog post - Adventures in weight loss via mylusciouslife


LUSCIOUS HEALTH: Here’s this week’s update of my weight loss journey…

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A HEALTHY LIFE: Photos to inspire you


HEALTHY LIVING: A lot of you know that I’ve been struggling to lose weight for a long time now. So here are some images I’ve found helpful to get me motivated. They might help inspire you too!

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A HEALTHY LIFE: Tips for adding some exercise to your day

WEDNESDAY WEIGHT BLOG SERIES: Tips for getting more exercise into your day


A HEALTHY LIFE: Here are some tips for adding some more exercise into your day. They are quite simplistic but hopefully one or more may be useful…

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SALE ALERT: Ralph Lauren up to 50% off sale


BE VERY QUICK, this sale is about to end!

Includes mens, womens, kids and home.

Happy shopping.

Natasha xx




QUICK PICKS: Luscious news – October 30, 2014

FAREWELL OSCAR: Oscar de la Renta Goa embellished satin box clutch

Farewell Oscar: Oscar de la Renta Goa embellished satin box clutch



A quick look at some luscious-related items in the news at the moment…

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Frustrated that I can't lose weight, here's my new Wednesday Weight series about what I'm doing about it...


LUSCIOUS HEALTH: Here’s the very first and very personal post documenting my attempt to get my weight under control.

I’m sharing it to get some support and encouragement, as well as hopefully inspiring others who have also been struggling…

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OUR LITTLE LUSCIOUS WORLD: Taking some time out to work on my novel


LUSCIOUS BREAK: Taking time out to work on my novel


Luscious ones, I’m having a little break to work on my novel.

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block and only getting little bits and pieces done – it’s time to get back into the swing of things!

But be sure to follow on Instagram and Twitter for snippets from Chez Luscious in the meantime.

And don’t forget the Pinterest boards, YouTube, Google+, the Facebook photo galleries, and everything on the Luscious website including the Luscious blog and Luscious shop, of course.

Natasha xx




ROYALTY: Kate Middleton’s maternity style for royal baby number two



Take a look at the Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity style with baby number 2, due in April 2015…

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SALE ALERT: Tory Burch Private Sale – October 2014

SALE ALERT: Tory Burch Private Sale October 2014SALE ALERT: One of our favourite brands, Tory Burch, is offering up to 70% off shoes, bags, clothing and more.

Use this link to access the site, then click on the PRIVATE SALE link. Ends October 27, 2014.

Happy shopping!

Natasha xx