ROYALTY: Royal children as babies, toddlers and little kids

*UPDATED: The royal baby has been named George Alexander Louis*

UPDATED: It’s a royal baby boy for William and Kate!

Excited about the newest British royal? Then you might like these pictures of adorable royal children from various royal families around the world…

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Luscious on Pinterest: Maternity style

angelina jolie - green maternity dress

Looking for pregnancy style lusciousness on Pinterest? Then check out our new Frockage: Maternity style board…

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HISTORICAL STYLE: Maternity fashion across the ages

UPDATED: It’s a royal baby boy for William and Kate!

Kate Middleton is clearly not the first woman to ever be pregnant: Take a look at maternity fashion from the last few hundred years…

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QUICK PICKS: Luscious news – July 20, 2013

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MUSIC TO SCROLL BY: The Holiday soundtrack – Hans Zimmer – Maestro

The Holiday - film and soundtrack

We play music from a lot of soundtracks in our home – Mr Luscious is very savvy at pulling out the best tracks from the most popular to the most obscure films.

This opening track from the 2006 film The Holiday starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black is always a winner with me: it stars slowly and develops into a bubbling, happy point which never fails to inspire me…


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Luscious on Pinterest: Our Martha Stewart board

Luscious citrus dessert from Martha Stewart

Looking for lusciousness on Pinterest? Then check out our Martha Stewart board…

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Luscious folk: Emma Isaacs from Business Chicks

Emma Isaacs - Business Chicks

Meet the luscious Emma Isaacs, happy wife, loving mother of three, and dynamic CEO of Business Chicks. I asked the lovely entrepreneur some questions about living lusciously, and this is what she had to say…

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Famous folk at home: Candace Bushnell’s homes in Manhattan and Litchfield Hills

Candace Bushnell home in New York

Take a look inside the glamorous home of Candace Bushnell in Manhattan, and also a photo of her country living room in the Litchfield Hills in Connecticut…

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Luscious events: Candace Bushnell visits Australia with Business Chicks

Candace Bushnell

I’ve been a fan of Candace Bushnell‘s for several years now, thanks to her sassy writing of the original Sex and the City –  I love New York, I love Sex and the City, and I love frockage. And I have my own Mr Big (aka Mr Luscious) with a happy ending.

So it was fab to hear that Business Chicks are bringing her out to Australia for several events…

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BOOK TO BUY: The Hundred Dresses – The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time

The Hundred Dresses - The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time via mylusciouslife

A suggestion from long-time Luscious Lifer, The Ancestral Poetess: She’s loving The Hundred Dresses: The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time by Erin McKeen, with illustrations by Donna Mehalko…

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