Luscious at the movies: Films and TV shows set in the 1900s-1940s – part 2

This post follows on from Luscious at the movies: Films and TV shows set in the 1900s-1940s – part 1 and contains more luscious images of fashion from period dramas set in the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, but primarily the Edwardian and Jazz Age periods of history…


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Luscious at the movies: Films and TV shows set in the 1900s-1940s – part 1

If you’re a lover of historical fashion, researching costumes for a certain period, or simply love films set in the past, you might like some of the movies and TV shows on this list…

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Architecture and design: One Cornwall Terrace, London

1 Cornwall Terrace Mews in London - side of house with garden

This glamorous end-terrace house in Cornwall Terrace Mews overlooking Regent’s Park in London has sold for $120 million, considered to be the most expensive sale of a terrace home in history…

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FOOT FETISH: Bionda Castana “Zelda” patent buckle brogue


I’m loving this tribute to Zelda Fitzgerald: Here are the Bionda Castana “Zelda” patent buckle brogues, a creamy low-mid androgynous heel which would work wonderfully with fab pants, a 1920s-style blouse and a collection of vintage books under your arm…

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Fascinating folk: Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald is probably one of the most interesting characters in the 20th century. She was an icon of her age, dubbed ‘the first American flapper’, and married to one of the most famous and influential writers of the time, F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose work we now call ‘quintessential’.

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Historical style: A 1920s cocktail party

Here at Luscious, we’re terribly excited about Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby. It’s coming out in just four weeks (four weeks!), and to celebrate, we’re throwing a 1920s cocktail party.

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Vintage lusciousness: Retro, vintage, antique and replica phones

Old style phone pictures

In a world before mobile phones, some of us remember the old rotary dial phone. In my own home growing up, we had a retro, avocado green “Mad Men” style one where my fingernails would sometimes get stuck in the holes, and I had to learn how to use a pen to move the numbers instead, in true 1960s-70s secretary fashion…


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Historical style: Runway fashion influenced by the 1900s-1930s

A look at how fashion designers are taking influenced by history, particularly the 1900s-1930s, and transporting it to the runway…

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Luscious on Pinterest: Historical fashion board

1920s beaded dance dress

If you love historical fashion, such as the frocks found in Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby, or more recent fashion inspired by historical dress, then you should considering following our HISTORICAL FASHION board on Pinterest

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Luscious loves: Art Deco illustration

If you’re in love with movies and TV shows such as The Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, you might like these beautiful vintage fashion pictures from the Art Deco period…

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