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JULY 2015: Pierre Casiraghi (son of Princess Caroline, and grandson of Grace Kelly) and his aristocratic girlfriend of seven years, Beatrice Borromeo, are getting married with a civil ceremony at Monaco’s Pink Palace on Saturday to be followed by a garden party for over 700 guests.

A week later, a grand religious ceremony will be held on the Borromean islands in Italy, privately owned by the bride’s family. More via Hello and PopSugar.


MONACO ROYAL WEDDING 2015: Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo


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JULY 2015: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi has posed for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, talking about going public as the daughter of Prince Albert, and granddaughter of the legendary Grace Kelly.


MONACO ROYAL FAMILY: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, illegitimate daughter of Prince Albert


See more photos via Luscious on Facebook: MONACO: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi


MAY 2015: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco with their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella at their christening wearing Dior (Princess Charlene) and Baby Dior (the children)…


ROYALTY: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella christening May 2015


January 2015: First photos of Monaco’s new royal babies: Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II introduced their newborns, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques:

Official presentation of the Monaco twins : Princess Gabriella of Monaco  And Prince Jacques of Monaco of the new Monaco prince and princess - Jacques and Gabriella

Grandchildren of Grace Kelly: Monaco royal twins, Gabriella and Jacques of Monaco, with their parents Prince Albert and Princess Charlene - January 2015




Monaco royal twins, Gabriella and Jacques of Monaco, with their parents Prince Albert and Princess Charlene - December 2014


UPDATE: Princess Charlene of Monaco gives birth to twins

A twin girl and boy, the grandchildren of former actress Grace Kelly and her husband, Prince Rainier of Monaco, were born via Caesarean at the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco on Wednesday afternoon, December 10, 2014.

They have named their newborns Gabriella Thérèse Marie (born at 17h04) and Jacques Honoré Rainier (born at 17h06). The Prince Jacques is the new Crown Prince, with succession already confirmed a few months ago in the event of the twins being a male and female pair.

The baby prince will become sovereign following Prince Albert’s death, inheriting an estimated $1 billion fortune and leadership of the Grimaldi clan, the rulers of the principalitity of Monaco situated in the south of France near the border of Italy since the 13th century. Read more about the family below.

In accordance with the historic custom established by the treaty of Péronne (1641), Prince Jacques shall receive the title of Marquis of Baux (in Provence). And Princess Gabriella, second child in the line of succession, shall receive the title of Countess of Carladès (in Auvergne).



ROYAL TWINS: Princess Charlene of Monaco gives birth to Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques - born December 2014



UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Princess Caroline’s youngest son Pierre Casiraghi and his long-term girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo have set the date of April 20, 2015 for their wedding. Beatrice is from a famous, aristocratic Italian family – read more about her and her family.

Hello magazine has the engagement story.



MONACO ROYAL FAMILY NEWS: Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi will marry in April 2015



UPDATE: How cute is little Sacha Casiraghi, the toddler son of Andrea Casiraghi and his wife Tatiana Santo Domingo?

Here he is on Monaco’s National Day with his grandmother Princess Caroline of Monaco and Hanover, herself the daughter of actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Tatiana is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child. (November 2014)


MONACO ROYAL CHILDREN: Sacha Casiraghi with his mother Tatiana and grandmother Princess Caroline of Monaco


MONACO ROYAL FAMILY: November 2014 Andrea Casiraghi with his son Sacha great grandson of Grace Kelly Princess Grace of Monaco




And here is Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, who is currently pregnant with twins, due in the next few weeks…


MONACO ROYAL CHILDREN: Prince Albert and pregnant wife Princess Charlene, November 2014 in Monaco

Prince Albert kisses his pregnant wife Princess Charlene - November 2014 in Monaco



UPDATE: There’s another royal baby of Monaco is on the way! Princess Caroline’s son, Andrea Casiraghi is expecting his second child with wife Tatiana Santo Domingo (Daily Mail)

The glamorous couple already have a 19-month-old son named Alexandre Andrea Stefano ‘Sasha’ Casiraghi.



  • Princess Charlene is pregnant with twins, due at the end of the year (E Online).
  • Gucci celebrates the launch of their new cosmetics line with Monaco’s Charlotte Casiraghi (Gucci)
  • Pauline Ducruet, also of the Monaco princely family, is Lancaster’s new Ambassadress in Asia (PRNewsWire)


Gucci Cosmetic launch - Charlotte Casiraghi and Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini  Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco for Gucci Cosmetics




Pauline Ducruet of Monaco


Pauline Ducruet of Monaco for Lancaster Asia



Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco are expecting twins

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco are expecting twins






UPDATE: Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco are officially pregnant – congratulations! The announcement came out today, May 30, 2014, and the baby is due at the end of the year.

It will be their first child together – scroll down below to read about Prince Albert’s other children.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi and her boyfriend Gad Elmaleh on the birth of their son Raphaël, on Tuesday evening, December 17, 2013, in Monaco’s Princess Grace Hospital – first photos below.




A quick history lesson about the Grimaldi family

The House of Grimaldi is the family which has ruled Monaco since 1297.

Prince Rainier III of Monaco (1923-2005), ruler of the principality of Monaco in the south of France near the Italian border, married American actress Grace Kelly (1929-1982) in 1956.

Note: Technically, the Monaco rulers are known as “Princes of Monaco” ie. a principality, not kings, which would make it a “kingdom”. Monaco is a sovereign city-state.


Grace Kelly wedding


Grace, a style icon, both then and now – see our Grace Kelly photo gallery – starred in several classic films including To Catch a Thief, High Society and Rear Window. She won an Oscar for her performance in the 1954 film, The Country Girl.

They had three children:

  • Prince Albert
  • Princess Caroline
  • Princess Stephanie


The Monaco royal family


The three children of Rainier and Grace have since produced eleven (acknowledged) grandchildren.

*Note that only children born during wedlock are eligible to inherit the Monégasque title.

  1. Jazmin Grace
  2. Alexandre
  3. Gabriella*
  4. Jacques* (Crown Prince)
  5. Andrea*
  6. Charlotte*
  7. Pierre*
  8. Alexandra*
  9. Louis*
  10. Pauline*
  11. Camille


Prince Rainier and Princess Grace



Caroline Louise Marguerite, Princess of Hanover, and heiress presumptive to the throne of Monaco

Princess Caroline of Monaco

Princess Caroline, born 1957, has married three times and had four children:

1). Philippe Junot (born 1940) married in 1978, divorced 1980, with a a canonical annulment from the Roman Catholic Church in 1992.

  • No children

2). Stefano Casiraghi (1960-1990), married in 1983. Casiraghi died in a speedboat racing accident in 1990.

3). Prince Ernst August of Hanover (born 1954), married in 1999.


Monaco baby boom: Tatiana and baby SachaPhoto of baby Raphael son of Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco and Gad Elmaleh

Above, Andrea’s wife Tatiana with their baby son Sasha (left), and Charlotte’s baby son, Raphael (right).


UPDATED: Charlotte with her baby son, Raphael 


Photo - baby Raphael son of Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco and Gad Elmaleh




Albert II, Prince of Monaco, the current ruler of the Principality of Monaco

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco, born 1958, married South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock (born 1978) in 2011. Princess Charlene gave birth to twins, Princess Gabriella and Crown Prince Jacques in December 2014.

Albert also has two illegitimate children from affairs with two women:

1). with Tamara Rotolo, he has a daughter, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (born 1992) who lives in California

2). with Nicole Coste has a son, Alexandre Coste, born in 2003, who lives in France.




Princess Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth of Monaco

princess stephanie of monaco

Princess Stephanie, born 1965, has married twice and had three children with two fathers:

1). Daniel Ducruet (born 1964) married 1995, divorced 1996.

2). Adans Lopez Peres (born 1974) married 2003, divorced 2004.

Stephanie also had a daughter, Camille Gottlieb (born 1998) with Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, although the name of the father was not officially put on the birth certificate.


Monaco royal family with Karl Lagerfeld



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Nicole Kidman as Grace KellyNicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly


Books and DVDs about the Monaco royals:

See our list of films about royalty here, including the 1983 Cheryl Ladd version, Grace Kelly, and the pretty awful Nicole Kidman film, Grace of Monaco from 2014.




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