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A LUSCIOUS CHRISTMAS: Some tips for being organised this festive season


Ideas for being more organised this Christmas


HOLIDAY HOSTESS TIPS: So I’m the most organised I’ve ever been this year (applause please!) so I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts as they occur to me that have helped me along the way which you might also find useful…

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CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: Pranks between Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney




If you’re having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, watching this clip might help.

It’s a series of Christmas pranks between Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and their friends and neighbours Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney, going back about 3 years and getting more impressive each year.

It’s fun!

And I’ve decided I really ought to be friends with them too. Mr Luscious would love them and this sort of thing. Perhaps we’ll move to California and be besties??


Natasha xx



LUSCIOUS LIVING: A quick update


Luscious living - Chanel lusciousness - glamorous gifts



Hi Luscious Lifers,

Apologies for the lack of new posts.

I’m trying to get some work done on my novel (not going very well, alas, as I’ve decided it’s all awful!) and organise everything ahead of time for Christmas, so I’m a bit distracted at the moment. You can see some of the things I’m up to on Instagram and Twitter.

So if you’re looking for something to inspire you, please consider the following:

FASHION: Whilst some of the links are broken (thanks to Facebook doing another upgrade, grrr), you might like to randomly flick through some of our fashion editorial collections.

ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN: If you’re looking for ideas for beautiful homes, from interiors to gorgeous gardens, then you might like some of the posts and galleries in this collection.

HEALTHY LIVING: Follow my progress with my weight loss via a ketogenic diet via the Wednesday Weight blog post series. Start with Week 1 (currently up to Week 6)

FESTIVE ENTERTAINING: We’ve got several boards on Pinterest devoted to Christmas, gifts and entertaining, so do pop by and check them out, and remember to select the FOLLOW ALL option.

MUSIC TO SCROLL BY: Music makes life much lovelier, no? So browse through our “Music to scroll by” posts and let me know some of your favourites too.

SHOPPING: There are several options for shopping, for yourself or family and friends, so start with the index in the LUSCIOUS SHOP for links to the Luscious Gift Guide, my picks for the most luscious brands, and individual shop categories (eg. mens, kids, home). I’m trying to update them regularly so keep popping back.

Thanks for your support, and remember to check out the Luscious page on Facebook too!

Natasha xx









Luscious heritage Hobart Tasmania - architecture - exterior


Luscious Lifers, we’re visiting beautiful Hobart in Tasmania, again.

We’re here to celebrate the birthday of a friend, so started with a luscious dinner at SMOLT at Salamanca Place.

It’s rather grey and dull today, but perfect for finding a fabulous cafe to work on my novel. Mr Luscious will be acting as tour guide for the birthday girl, possibly off to the art galleries and a meander through the historic streets of Hobart and the surrounding area.

Revisit our past posts and galleries from our 2013 visit to get an idea of how luscious it is here – think glorious scenery, a relaxed country town atmosphere, and sublime fresh produce:

If you know and love Hobart, let me know your recommendations for places to visit and wine-and-dine.

Natasha xx



PERSONAL UPDATE: A little reminder to share the luscious love around


Ideas for sharing kindness this holiday season


SHARE THE LUSCIOUS LOVE: Luscious ones, at this time of the year we tend to get busy with shopping and entertaining and enjoying ourselves. Well, I certainly do, especially because the weather gets hot for us in Australia so it’s summer time plus the holiday season at Chez Luscious.

But I thought now was a good time – just prior to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and then Christmas and New Year – to remember to be more compassionate when considering others who are not having such a luscious time of things.

I’m sorry if this sounds trite or patronising or hypocritical in any way. I spend my life being pretty selfish, focussing on my own needs and that of the people immediately around me. I used to volunteer in my 20s and 30s, but life seems to have taken a different course in my 40s. I read and watch stories about terrible things, feel bad for a while, but essentially go back to my own cocooned existence.

But I was reminded by my friend Cathy about the New Day Box program in Melbourne in which you can donate items to go into gift boxes for women going through the hell of domestic violence. See more via their website and Facebook page. I donated some boxes of goodies last year and hope it made some sort of difference.

My friend Melissa shared this post from The Bloggess about having compassion, especially when we watch in horror at what’s happening in Ferguson today. There was a great suggestion about donating to the Ferguson library, and “err in the direction of kindness” which makes me tear up a bit. Read the post here. And perhaps send an email enquiry to the fine folks at the Ferguson library in Missouri if you’re keen about a donation.

Another friend, Davey, was looking into Christmas volunteering, which sounds like a great idea, but do remember than most charitable organisations get their holiday programs sorted months in advance. So if this appeals to you, maybe put it on your list to look into in the new year, and make a financial contribution to assist in the meantime.

Obviously, there are thousands of worthy causes that desperately need attention, so I encourage all of us to do something, whether it’s a $5 donation via a charity’s website, a shout-0ut via social media to spread the word, or by actively getting involved. If you need some inspiration, check out Random Acts because I know they do great work.

Natasha xx

PS. Thanks to all my inspiring friends. You remind me on a daily basis about kindness and compassion.



FESTIVE CHEER: Be inspired by these luscious holiday ideas

A LUSCIOUS FESTIVE SEASON: Aerin Lauder Christmas House & Garden 2007


HOLIDAY SEASON IDEAS: If you’re looking for beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas inspiration, see the links below which will direct you to our blog posts, Facebook photo galleries and Pinterest boards…

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LUSCIOUS LOVES: Holiday Gift Guides from our fave brands

MYLUSCIOUSLIFE.COM Christmas Gift Guide from Luscious 2014 - stylish present ideas


Luscious ones, I’ve tried to make things easier for you and compiled a collection of some luscious brands so you can go directly to their holiday gift guides.

Scroll down this post and take a look, and keep checking back for updates and additions…

Natasha xx


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LUSCIOUS LOVES: The new edit of “Julie and Julia”, called, er, “& Julia” which cuts out those annoying Amy Adams scenes

Watch "Julie & Julia" without the annoying Amy Adam scenes


OK, so I love Amy Adams normally, but find her character so annoying in the Julie & Julia film…

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PERSONAL UPDATE: A shout-out to my tennis buddies

Luscious living - playing tennis


A quick shout-out to my buddies at the Mt Martha Tennis Club on the Mornington Peninsula.

Thanks for your kindness and support, welcoming Mr Luscious and me to the club!

Natasha xx

PS. You might also like our pool houses and tennis courts photo gallery.

HOUSES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS: George and Amal Clooney’s Mill House in Sonning Eye, Oxfordshire

George and Amal Alamuddin Clooney's new home in England on the River Thames


CELEBRITY HOUSES: George and Amal Alamuddin Clooney have bought an island home on the River Thames, outside London. Take a look at these photos…

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